Ten Dollar Miracles

by Strings For Truth

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Ten Dollar Miracles, is a departure from the previous more MIDI, and programmed drums driven releases, more fleshed out with the addition of Ernesto Gerardo on bass and backing vocals and Ivan De Young Dominguez on drums and backing vocals.


released April 24, 2014

All songs written by Scott Morgenthaler
and performed by Strings For Truth
Scott Morgenthaler: guitars, vocals, and aux percussion
Ernesto Gerardo: Bass, keys, and backing vocals
Ivan De Young Dominguez: Drums, backing vocals
Engineered and Produced by Ernesto Gerardo and Strings For Truth



all rights reserved


Strings For Truth Brooklyn, New York

Strings For Truth originated as the songwriting project of multi-instrumentalist, Scott Morgenthaler. Known for his balance between Anti-Folk, Punk and analog synthesis, Morgenthaler transformed Strings For Truth into a cult phenomenon..
and continues his prolific studio work omnipotently, always on the verge of releasing new material with little to no warning.
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Track Name: Bloodtrails
Lets make some good cover lives
A contingency plan and alibis
We'll get married n work 9-5s
Hold our lies closer than our knives
In a culdesac w closets a mess
Skeletons stacked on secrets
If caught we'll never confess
The neighbors would have never guessed

When all blood trails lead bAck to us
Who coulda known at all

Ditch the evidence dispose of the remains
Burn the clothing covered in stains
Count the loot buy tickets for the plane
we'll start new lives with new names
If blue lights flash they won't find a thing
Track Name: Rosarita
Hey baby nice eggs

Let’s make a scramble when we get out of bed

Hey honey nice legs
Lets spread them sooner later we might be dead

Oh Rosarita yea Rosarita

There’s nothing wrong with what I see
“ “
Just feelin lucky to be me

Let’s spread you over
lets spread you under
the way you move baby it’s now wonder
Let’s make the ground shake
And cities crumble
Let’s get medieval take ya to the jungle

I know you hate standing in line
But some things are worth the wait
Those finer things in life are sweeter when you anticipate
Sunday mornings at the table
Make the vodka dissipate
You feel the meal reaching its climax
Every time u clear the plate
Track Name: Young Blood Running
Your hearts pumpin and my fangs are out
Don’t know what your lookin for or what you found
Young bloods runnin runnin down my mouth
Hearin u gasp tryin to scream out

Verse 2
I was like you til I got bit
It comes out when the moon is lit
Got me shakin throwin a fit
You’re my prey and you don’t know it

Now you know why they call us
Now you know why they call us monsters
Takin more than you have to offer
And leavin you sucked dry
Track Name: Always Pay
Tell me someday what all this will be worth
The sleepless nights constant back and forth
the bitter feeling of loss in the sun
Trading in safe futures for dangerous fun

Atleast The goodbye kiss is free
After a decade lost at sea
No big picture realized
Hope smoke floats but my boats capsized

Hold the light hold the light
Please don't give up the fight
See gold in the gutter but not the plight
Bottom of a bottle by the end of the night

Too bitter to be this young
Too old to be this dumb
Too many regrets (for this fun)/to outrun
No matter what u always pay to cum
Track Name: Feet Don't Fail
Give me a second let me catch my breath
This waiting rooms feelin like a slow death
The ticking clock the heater hum
And all my thoughts are turnin dumb

No more lords no more demons
Just me and you and everything between us
Chains hangin heavy in clock gears
A million broken nations a thousand bloody years

Suits, ties, and fresh cut lines
Strange fruit rotting off the vines
Omly one thought on my mind
Please don’t let me be next in line

Wearing nothing but worthless paper and stones
Thrown to neon hyenas for expensive dirt to call homes
Begin for mercy under bejeweled skies
They drag u back down to work the diamond mines

Feet Don't Fail me now, Feet don't fail me fail me