by Strings For Truth

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The first full length


released September 11, 2015

All songs written and performed by Scott Morgenthaler and Strings For Truth
Engineered and Produced by Ernesto Gerardo
Album Art: Daniel Seeley and Rachel Lyons
All Thanks to: Families, friends, cohorts, and fans



all rights reserved


Strings For Truth Brooklyn, New York

Strings For Truth originated as the songwriting project of multi-instrumentalist, Scott Morgenthaler. Known for his balance between Anti-Folk, Punk and analog synthesis, Morgenthaler transformed Strings For Truth into a cult phenomenon..
and continues his prolific studio work omnipotently, always on the verge of releasing new material with little to no warning.
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Track Name: Lords and Livers
Your god may rest But mine never does
He’s up snortin meth n drinkin wine just because
If the money doesn’t come we’ll feel the beat of his drum
Started out with a feast now we’re scrapin for crumbs
Till our lords or our livers take us burn through dawn and right into dusk
Till our lords or our livers take us hanging on because we must
Starin into this pale Of hot burning coals This towns gone stale Chasing far fetched goals Only Finding our tales After such a mess No wind in our sails Just fumes and stress
Nothing changes as far as we can see
So quit with your thinking and have a drink on me
We knew from the start just how this would end
Another broken heart buryin another dead end friend
Track Name: Toothless Pitbull
There's teeth in the street glitter in the gutter
The stores are all closed Street is full of shutters
But we just walk by Same old clutter
Same old sour stomaches Dig a hole to fill another
romanticize it all u can But this ain't what it was
A Fire needs a fan They're cages await us
Toothless Pitbull Grown too fat too old
Toothless pitbull gone and Lost your soul
This town wants you dead And The city does too
All the blood that u shed What does it add up to
Rack ur body and head Purple black n blue
Lyin in ur broken bed Sleepless without a clue

The skills that u got ain't worth decent pay But hey it's your lot That's all that they say Suffering for ur shot Makes no difference anyway Just more what you have not No Golden bones from this decay
Track Name: Big Leech
Big leech little parasite
Would u step into the light
U Drain me Down w each bite
Then Disappear out of sight
Big leech little parasite
What can be won from this fight
Ingest my red infect the white
I'm hangin on w all my might
The biggest mouth to feed
With the least amount of dough
Take more than u need
Curse us all and then go
Big leech little parasite
Bringing on my longest night
U bled me dry then took flight
Left me alone in plight
You’ve taken more than I can give
Left me struggling to live
Twisted in me like a shiv
Too much time to forgive
The biggest mouth to feed
With the least amount of dough
Take more than u need
Curse us all and then go
Big Leech Big Leech
would you leech off someone else
Big Leech Big Leech
would you leech off someone else
Big Leech Big Leech
damn near bled me dry
Big Leech Big Leech
what'll you do when I die
Track Name: Curbstomp My Enthusiasm
I'm just lookin for some peace and quiet Been lying next to an internal riot Her eyes are glazing over slow Inhaling and letting the smoke blow Wondering what she expects Unsure of what to do next Knowing this will end in a mess But I’m going with my best guess
Please oh please would ya Curbstomp my enthusiasm
A bit more a bit more
Verse2 Shaken awake nightmares in my head This war's been raging all around my bed To Leave these sheets I don't dare Bullets cutting through the air Smoke clears and I can see The body count of each army Their shadows thrown across my floor I'm not going to get up anymore
Please oh please would ya Curbstomp my enthusiasm
A bit more a bit more
Verse3 Sideswiped backing outta the room Trying to escape this feeling of doom Now she’s gone and I am too Realized there’s nothing you can do Running on an empty tank Sunrise while some hearts sank Wonder how much more I can take Gotta get out for my own sake
Track Name: Steady Falling
Gotta cane field outside my door But I'm inside stuck to the floor With a mouth full of salt It's probably all my fault Got dark clouds hangin overhead My sunny days are stormy instead I got cleats made of concrete keepin me from gettin to my feet
Living like a leper steady falling apart
You blame my liver I blame my heart
Take ur heart off the wall And take it with you
There's nothing here left at all That we can undo
Waiting for the ceiling to fall
All the nightmares came true
Never email text or call and I don't plan to
My eyelids weigh a ton Closed tight to the sun There's a voice inside my head It's saying I might be better off Fresh ghosts for this town Missing you has got me down Kill the quiet with any sound Waiting for my heart to pound
Track Name: Kissing Your Ghost
I woke up this morning kissing ur ghost
I’m wondering what's the cost
What's been gained what's been lost Since I woke up this mornin kissing ur ghost
woke up with a pocket full of stones
Gotta fix these fiends rock em out they bones
Since I woke up with a pocket full of stones
I woke up this Mornin ran outta town
I know what I did I can't live down
Shouldn't be hangin around
I woke up this Mornin found myself lost
Feelin like garbage once its tossed It's too late the lines been crossed cause ...
Track Name: Shipwreck Lament
Well this storms gone
Knocked me off my course
I’m wondering whats worse?
To stay gone or to return to
A never ending curse

Feeling like I’m drowning
And I just can’t breathe
Oh Holy Night
Oh saviors might
Are you listening?
In this starless night I’m
Losing the fight beneath this churning sea

I call out your name
First and last the same
Guess it’s me vs me
Any spark to illuminate the dark
Can’t keep struggling

Deadwinds and cold hearts
With loose ends and false starts
I came so close to giving up the ghost
Can’t brag or boast when I wash up on the coast