by Strings For Truth

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released October 25, 2013

Thanks to The Morgenthaler Family, Ernesto Gerardo, and Ivan De Young Dominguez



all rights reserved


Strings For Truth Brooklyn, New York

Strings For Truth originated as the songwriting project of multi-instrumentalist, Scott Morgenthaler. Known for his balance between Anti-Folk, Punk and analog synthesis, Morgenthaler transformed Strings For Truth into a cult phenomenon..
and continues his prolific studio work omnipotently, always on the verge of releasing new material with little to no warning.
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Track Name: Strings For Truth - Dead Man Walk
Dead Man Walk

Chorus: Walk…Dead Man walk
Spread forth his bite

He died (for our sins)
He’s back (for our brains)
Rising from the grave
Get bit (go Get saved)
Drank his blood ate his flesh
Now it’s all his turn
The holy bush is lit lets inhale what it burns

Converts (receive the bite)
Start to turn (overnight)
Rome burns (smokey skies)
Hell is full (Dead will rise)
His thirst is never quenched
Smell his rotting stench
Hear the final bell ring
All his disciples sing

Get Bit (One will do)
Feel his teeth (eating you)
You can run (We’ll get you)
Join the dead (get hungry too)
Infectious and spread able
To Humans and animals
Your meat is edible
For living dead cannibals
Track Name: Strings For Truth - Bloodtrails
Lets make some good cover lives
A contingency plan and alibis
We'll get married n work 9-5s
Hold our lies tighter than our knives
In a culdesac w closets a mess
Skeletons stacked on secrets
If caught we'll never confess
The neighbors would have never guessed

When all blood trails lead bAck to us
Who coulda known

Ditch the evidence dispose of the remains
Burn the clothing covered in stains
Count the loot buy tickets for the plane
we'll start new lives with new names
If blue lights flash they won't find a thing
Track Name: Young Blood Running (Demo)
Your hearts pumpin and my fangs are out
Don’t know what your lookin for or what you found
Young bloods runnin runnin down my mouth
Hearin u gasp tryin to scream out
Now You know why they call us
Now you know why they call us monsters
Taking all that you have to offer
and leaving you bled dry
Verse 2
I was like you til I got bit
It comes out when the moon is lit
Got me shakin throwin a fit
You’re my prey and you don’t know it